Contrarium (The Book Glasses Series 2)

Contrarium (The Book Glasses Series 2)Contrarium by Arthur Bozikas
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Another well-written mystery and suspense fantasy thriller...

Contrarium by Arthur Bozikas is the second installment in The Book Glasses series. The author crafts a curiously engaging plot that makes this novel as captivating as the first!

As the cleverly plotted sequel informs us: Sam was unable to conceive of a second pair of glasses that possessed even more impressive abilities since the personal expense of keeping even one set of glasses was too great. If she wanted to protect the rest of her family, taking on a position of power for her country was not an option. But after uncovering the forbidden powers of the second pair of glasses, Sam understood immediately that this was all she required to put an end to everyone else who attempted to utilize the glasses' powers for the wrong reasons. As Sam discovers she is in imminent danger, will she be able to find a way to defeat her adversaries while also safeguarding her family?

If you are looking for a well-written mystery and suspense fantasy thriller with amazing characters and a gripping plot then “Contrarium” will not leave you disappointed. Highly recommended.

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