Ocean's Edge

Ocean's EdgeOcean's Edge by Jay Michael Night
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Y/A Fantasy love story with a creative plot twist...

Jay Michael Night’s “Ocean's Edge” is book 1 in the “Alius and Love series” series. In this Y/A supernatural romance, we find Alexander, a Viking vampire who has been tasked with maintaining peace in the supernatural world of Alius. While on a mission he frees a mermaid who was being held as a prisoner. He is faced with a challenging choice that must be made in order to save the mermaid's life. He develops a new species of monster from her, one that has never existed before, and turns her into a vampire. She is now his responsibility, but what he does not anticipate is the powerful love that will inevitably bond them together…

A return to the science-fiction-infused fantasy subgenre is brought about by the novel "Ocean's Edge," which is very much welcomed. The action is consistently fascinating, and any predictable happenings are deftly concealed by wonderfully realized fantasy imagery. It may have a simple template for a supernatural adventure, but it exploits its magical quirks and a broad quest to supplement all the right points for a well-rounded, very enjoyable supernatural romance. Highly recommended.

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