Desperate Action (The Traveler Series Book 1)

Desperate Action (The Traveler Series)Desperate Action by Frank Decaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A well-crafted action-packed sci-fi adventure...

Frank DeCaire’s “Desperate Action” is book 1 in the sci-fi Traveler Series. It's a well-written, richly detailed story with superbly drawn settings and characters. The author skilfully constructs an action-packed sci-fi adventure that immediately had me engaged from the opening chapter.

In summarizing the synopsis, we discover that Commander John Winters has fought the war since the aliens arrived 22 years ago. Earth has been devastated by extra-terrestrial spacecraft entering through a gateway near the asteroid belt. Steel Castle class destroyers have kept them at bay for years, but resources are waning. Fighting-age males are scarce. High-tech computer chips are scarce. The navy has only a few ships left, and only two can destroy the alien spheres at their entry site. The Falling Star is the last ship left after the enemy destroys the Ruby Demon at the portal. ‘Commander Winters is recalled and given orders that only a crew with a death wish would perform.’ Worse, he must follow his orders without telling his crew. Desperate move. If they fail, no ships can stop the alien spheres from striking Earth. If successful, they can cut off the portal-generating alien station and stop the spheres from getting through…

“Desperate Action” ticks all the boxes for making a great action-packed sci-fi adventure series. Great writing makes the experience worthwhile and sets it apart by offering depth and substance. I'm a huge admirer of science fiction, so this was a fantastic read for me. This would be a terrific find for sci-fi aficionados searching for a fascinating, three-dimensional, and stimulating read. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

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