Sky Curse: The Chosen Five

Sky Curse: The Chosen FiveSky Curse: The Chosen Five by Janet Kravetz
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A glimpse into a terrifying future society...

Sky Curse: The Chosen Five by Janet Kravetz combines the sorrow of a deteriorating world while making the reader consider a future that may be theirs if they do not take care of our home – planet earth. She writes on compelling issues and weaves a story that will make the reader consider how their activities influence the environment.

In summarizing the synopsis we follow an artificial dream programmer named Cecilia Miller (who lives in the year 2045) as our protagonist. Humanity's mental health has reached crisis levels as climate disasters have become the new normal. The staggering number of twenty-five billion people now inhabiting Earth is straining the planet's resources to the breaking point. The vast majority have plans to colonize a new planet and abandon Earth to its doom. In spite of this, there are many people who hold on to hope for the future of Earth and humanity. Humanity is fighting for its own survival, and it looks that only technology can help, and Cecilia is determined to be the one to bring about this change. When faced with catastrophic circumstances, she must muster all her might and determination if she is to have any hope of saving the world…

Sky Curse: The Chosen Five is an excellent example of the dystopian subgenre of science fiction. It provides the reader with a glimpse into a terrifying future society that has neglected the earth we live on and is now suffering the adverse effects of its actions. An exceptional work that will provoke profound reflection among readers of all ages, particularly young adults and older individuals. Highly recommended, and a well-deserved five stars from me. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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