Coin for a Dream: And Other Korean Tales

Coin for a Dream: And Other Korean TalesCoin for a Dream: And Other Korean Tales by Mae Adams
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A wonderful Korean folktale collection...

Mae Adams' latest novel, "Coin for a Dream: And Other Korean Tales," is filled with monks, shamans, kings, queens, ginseng boys, grateful ghosts, magpies, and many more colorful characters that will thrill readers and provide insight into the old rites and traditions of Korea. While reading it, one can do everything from hear lepers singing for their food to touching the hand of a Taoist immortal god.

Adams, writing as a young girl who has heard stories and folktales from her grandparents and from her own experiences, captivates the reader with conversational tales full of surprising twists and turns, drawing lessons from myths and legends that are as applicable today as they were thousands of years ago.

This book goes well with "Precious Silver Chopsticks" and "The Letters," both of which were written by Mae Adams. People who are interested in family, Korean culture, and history will enjoy reading this book. Thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. A well-deserved five stars from me.

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