Return Protocol: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Adventure

Return Protocol: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Adventure (Weapons of Choice Book 2)Return Protocol: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Adventure by Nick Snape
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Return Protocol Delivers Action-Packed Sci-Fi Adventure...

Return Protocol: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Adventure (Weapons of Choice Book 2) by Nick Snape is a fast-paced, character-driven novel that seamlessly blends military sci-fi and alien first contact. The book follows the journey of ex-War Hero Finn and his team of British Army Reserve squad members as they use ancient alien technology to navigate through space, encounter the fallen Haven race, and fight for their survival on a hostile planet.

The story is brilliantly paced and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish, with the characters battling both inner and outer demons as they fight their way past the Haven, who crave their old but powerful technology. Zuri, the female gunner, and Smith, Finn's deceased Corporal now AI, provide much-needed support to Finn as he struggles with guilt and navigates through the challenges presented by the Haven race.

As the squad battles on, they uncover revelations about the ancient Haven's plans for humanity, and with the horrifying realization of how the current Haven race fell from their technologically advanced pinnacle, Finn and his team question their place in the Universe. The author Nick Snape has a gift for creating an eccentric and thought-provoking novel with original characters and futuristic sci-fi action that is sure to captivate readers.

An exciting and original sci-fi adventure, “Return Protocol” continues the story begun in the first book of the “Weapons of Choice” series. The novel is fast-paced, engaging, and unique in its take on first contact with aliens. For military sci-fi fans or anyone looking for an exciting read that explores the depths of human nature in the face of overwhelming odds, this series comes highly recommended.

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