Soft & Rage: A Short Story Collection

Soft & Rage: A Short Story CollectionSoft & Rage: A Short Story Collection by Myka Silber
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Something for every reader...

Myka Silber’s "Soft & Rage: A Short Story Collection" is a debut work that offers readers an immersive and diverse reading experience. The sixteen short stories take you on a journey through different landscapes and settings, ranging from oceans to deserts to battlefields. With each story, the collection asks thought-provoking questions about what makes a place feel a certain way and how emotions and experiences shape our perceptions.

All of the stories in this book are well-written and give a different view of the world. They also span a wide range of fiction genres, from literary to historical to science fiction and fantasy. In other words, it has something for every reader. The writing style transports the reader to the heart of each story with its rich imagery, emotional depth, and engaging narrative. Recommended.

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