Stars At Dusk: A Sassy Sublime Romance (The Sable Riders Book 2)

Stars At Dusk (The Sable Riders Book 2)Stars At Dusk by Sky Gold
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An enjoyable and entertaining romantic sci-fi adventure...

Sky Gold’s “Stars At Dusk” is the second book in "The Sable Riders" series. It’s an entertaining and engaging sci-fi romance adventure that follows the story of two people who find unexpected love in the midst of danger and adventure. The novel's main characters, Harlow and Kage, are both strong-willed and independent, which makes for an exciting and dynamic story.

The writing is quick and sharp, with just the right amount of wit and sass to keep the reader interested. The story takes place in a society with advanced technology, which is an interesting part of the plot, and the dialogue is superbly constructed, allowing the characters' individual voices and personalities to show through.

This is a standalone novel, so you can jump in without having read the first book. Whether you're a sci-fi fan, romance lover, or just looking for something new and exciting, “Stars At Dusk” is worth checking out. Highly recommended.

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