FORBIDDEN (Forlorn, #4)FORBIDDEN by Gina Detwiler
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A YA Fantasy Novel of Spiritual Warfare and Epic Adventure...

Gina Detwiler's latest book, "Forbidden," the fourth installment in her FORLORN series, is a thrilling young adult fantasy that delves into the subject of spiritual warfare between angels, demons, and humans. The story follows Grace Fortune and Jared Lorn, who has escaped from prison and are on a perilous journey to the spiritual realm, the Other Side, to reunite with their family. But their journey is fraught with danger as they battle against the fallen angels known as the Watchers, led by Azazel, who have taken control of the real world and subjugated all nations to their will.

Detwiler's writing is top-notch, and she excels in blending fiction and fantasy, seamlessly integrating humans with angels in a spiritually oriented-plot. Her characterization is excellent, and she creates relatable and compelling characters like Grace, who is witty and spiritually inclined, and Jared, who is strong and resilient. The plot is imaginative, and the pacing is perfect, with enough action, suspense, and twists to keep the reader engaged until the end.

"Forbidden" is a superb book that will appeal to both young adult and adult readers who love fantasy, spiritual themes, and a good dose of suspense. It's no surprise that the book won the 2023 Christian Indie Book Award for speculative fiction. Highly recommended.

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