The Keeper of the Laugh: A Novel

The Keeper of the Laugh: A NovelThe Keeper of the Laugh: A Novel by Danny Fromchenko
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A superbly written un-put-downable novel...

The Keeper of the Laugh by Danny Fromchenko is a wonderfully written and moving narrative of love and redemption that takes place in the years following World War II. It tells the story of Max Fischer who cannot remember anything from his life before the concentration camp. The only thing that remains in his thoughts is a tormenting, crazed laugh. Beyond haunting his every waking minute, Max's only tie to his lost past is this tormenting laugh… Max is introduced to the attractive and wealthy Alexandra Brecholdt just a few months after the liberation of the concentration camp where he was held. The former actress in Berlin seems set on taking care of Max, but there's something she's too embarrassed or scared to tell him. How she got rich, how she stayed alive, and about her son… The crazed laugh in Max's head is the key to unlocking his forgotten past, as he discovers as his memories return. Max decides to investigate its origins while Alexandra promises to shield him from the terrible secrets it holds. They learn from one another the meaning of courage, love, and hope, as well as the ultimate secret of ‘the keeper of the laugh,’ via their shared hunger for life…

A superbly written story, Fromchenko adds authenticity to every page, while the lead protagonist gives the book its heart. Very highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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