Melantha (Mansion of the Weeping Wings Book 1)

Melantha (Mansion of the Weeping Wings Book 1)Melantha by V.A. Smith
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A well-crafted paranormal romance...

V. A. Smith's "Melantha" sets the stage for the enthralling "Mansion of the Weeping Wings" series, immersing readers in a world where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural are blurred. The discovery of her late husband's ghost haunting her life marks a profound turning point for Vivica, forever altering her existence. However, an unforeseen encounter with a mysterious figure propels her into a realm far beyond the limits of her imagination. Here, she crosses paths with Melantha, a fearless princess on a mission to rescue her kingdom from the clutches of a merciless monster. United in purpose, Vivica, Melantha, and their newfound ally must summon unwavering strength and unwavering bravery to confront the malevolence lurking in the shadows. Their mission is clear - success is imperative, as failure could condemn them to an abyss of eternal darkness. Will they emerge triumphant against this daunting adversary, or will they become ensnared in its lethal grasp? Prepare for an exhilarating and otherworldly odyssey as you journey to uncover the answer.

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