The Beyond is Part of the Here Now Book 2: Biblical Parapsychology

The Beyond is Part of the Here Now Book 2The Beyond is Part of the Here Now Book 2 by June Raleigh
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Close encounters of the spooky kind...

"The Beyond is Part of the Here Now Book 2: Biblical Parapsychology," authored by June Raleigh, delves into the profound search for the meaning of life and our intrinsic connection with the divine. Raleigh explores the fascinating realm of angelic encounters and ghostly phenomena, presenting ‘evidence’ of the afterlife through a compelling compilation of ‘true’ stories contributed by individuals from across the United States. This illuminating book serves as an invaluable beacon for seekers of truth, offering profound insights and a transformative path toward spiritual enlightenment. Commencing with a ‘genuine’ photograph capturing the essence of a ghost, found within its inaugural chapter, this book captivates readers with thought-provoking narratives, supposedly drawing them closer to a profound comprehension of God and the enigmatic dimensions that transcend our physical reality. Building upon the solid foundation established in the series' initial installment, "The Beyond is Part of the Here Now," Book 2 embarks on an insightful journey, expanding upon its predecessor's premises and guiding readers toward a deeper understanding of life's mysteries.

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