When the children come (Children of the Eye, #1)

When the children come (Children of the Eye, #1)When the children come by Barry Kirwan
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Imaginative premise that is both captivating and refreshingly original...

"When the Children Come (Children of the Eye Book 1)" by Barry Kirwan is an enthralling science fiction novel that transports readers to a world thrown into chaos. Following the life of Nathan, a war veteran seeking solace in Manhattan, the story takes a dramatic turn on New Year's Eve when he encounters Lara. What begins as a chance meeting quickly spirals into a series of inexplicable events. From the very next morning on, Nathan becomes acutely aware that something is amiss. He witnesses a horrifying scene unfold before his eyes—a terrified child relentlessly pursued by their own parent. Soon after, a young girl named Sally implores Nathan to protect her from her own parents. The world around them is shrouded in an eerie silence, devoid of internet, television, and phone coverage. Nathan, accompanied by Lara and Sally, embarks on a perilous journey along the East Coast. Their path is fraught with danger as they encounter deranged adults, terrorists, armed forces, and other children gripped by fear for their lives. Amidst the uncertainty, Nathan realizes that remaining awake is of utmost importance, for succumbing to sleep would mean turning against the very children he has sworn to protect.

Barry Kirwan's "When the Children Come" is an intriguing science fiction novel that skillfully immerses readers in a world turned upside down. Nathan, a war-weary protagonist yearning for tranquility, is thrust into a position of responsibility for nearly 200 children, a responsibility he never sought. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness Nathan's transformation as he seeks unlikely alliances to safeguard the lives of these vulnerable young people.

When it comes to "When the Children Come" by Barry Kirwan, the well-developed characters and captivating premise shine as the novel's greatest strengths. Kirwan's writing effortlessly pulls readers into a whirlwind of action and suspense right from the first page. The story expertly balances its pacing and character development, keeping readers engaged throughout.

While the book excels in its storytelling, some readers may crave deeper scientific explanations behind the catastrophic events that led to society's collapse. Nevertheless, this slight drawback does not significantly diminish the overall enjoyment derived from the story.

Highly recommended for fans of science fiction, "When the Children Come" is a riveting and intriguing read. The book effortlessly immerses readers in its enthralling world thanks to its compelling premise, well-crafted characters, and fast-paced narrative. Despite the potential for more extensive scientific exploration, the novel remains a satisfying experience that will resonate with genre enthusiasts. Prepare to be captivated by a tale that delves into the human spirit's resilience, the power of unlikely friendships, and the unwavering determination to survive. Recommended as a Y/A sci-fi. 4 ½ stars from me.

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