An Admirer of Books: Book Two in the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series

An Admirer of Books: Book Two in the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series (The Amalfi Mysteries 2)An Admirer of Books: Book Two in the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series by AJ Lewis
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A compelling and immersive historical mystery...

"An Admirer of Books," the second installment in AJ Lewis's Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series, immerses readers in a gripping historical narrative interwoven with intrigue, justice, and the human struggle. The story takes place in a city that has recently experienced an earthquake, and it opens with the discovery of a body in a Turkish bath and the release of insane people who are now wandering the streets. Within this tumultuous setting, Muhammad, a law student, emerges as a stalwart defender, standing for a manservant facing murder charges and a mysterious maidservant referred to as 'An Admirer of Books.'

As the aftermath of the earthquake echoes through the alleys of the Casbah, Muhammad's pursuit of justice leads him into the courtroom. Here, his legal expertise takes center stage as he undertakes the defense. However, this quest for truth introduces him to a formidable adversary whose actions have the potential to dismantle Muhammad's defense strategy. Concurrently, a madman, marked by tragedy, becomes entwined in the intricate tapestry of events.

"An Admirer of Books" weaves a tapestry of themes encompassing identity, fidelity, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Lewis masterfully crafts a fast-paced historical fiction narrative set against an unconventional backdrop. For readers who relish historical fiction enriched with mystery and unconventional settings, this book offers an engaging voyage into a realm of intrigue. Guided by the skillful hand of the author, who seamlessly blends history and fiction, the story becomes a compelling and immersive reading experience. Highly recommended.

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