When I Killed You: A Psychological Thriller

When I Killed You: A Psychological ThrillerWhen I Killed You: A Psychological Thriller by Liam Fialkov
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A mind-bending psychological thriller...

"When I Killed You" is a gripping psychological thriller that unveils a 30-year-old mystery surrounding Alice's disappearance. Her family is haunted by her vanishing. Alice's mother explores the eerie idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy while her father, a physics professor, delves into parallel universes for answers. Her older sister weaves narratives about their family history. The arrival of investigative journalists shifts the narrative, unraveling law enforcement failures. Tension mounts, propelling readers to a stunning climax, followed by alternative endings via parallel universes.

This book merges mystery with theoretical physics, offering a compelling choice for fans of intricate thrillers. Fialkov and Langford deliver a captivating tale with suspense, complex characters, and unexpected twists. Highly recommended for those seeking an extraordinary narrative.

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