The Degas Trove

The Degas TroveThe Degas Trove by Stephen Timbers
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A gripping murder mystery...

"The Degas Trove" by Stephen Timbers presents a gripping murder mystery that unfolds in the world of art and academia. Claire Bailey's act of philanthropy takes a dark turn when two of the valuable impressionist pieces she donated to Yale University Art Gallery vanish overnight. To her dismay, the tragedy deepens with the murder of her grandniece within the Yale Library stacks.

As the official investigation lags, Claire's son, Charlie, steps in, determined to unravel the art theft and solve the connected murder. In his pursuit, Charlie delves into the intricate realm of art history, colliding with international art dealers and immersing himself in the lives of two renowned artists. The plot intricately weaves together the threads of art, intrigue, and crime, culminating in a search for a hidden cache of priceless paintings to unmask the murderer.

Stephen Timbers crafts a compelling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The story seamlessly intertwines art and mystery, drawing readers into a web of suspense and intellectual intrigue. "The Degas Trove" is a masterful exploration of the high-stakes world of stolen art, murder, and one man's determined quest for justice. Highly recommended.

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