Anonymous Is a Woman by Nina Ansary

Anonymous Is a Woman: A Global Chronicle of Gender InequalityAnonymous Is a Woman: A Global Chronicle of Gender Inequality by Nina Ansary
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‘The struggle we engage in on behalf of all humanity is fundamental to life itself.’

Anonymous Is a Woman by Nina Ansary is a powerful reminder to us all of the achievements and sacrifices that woman have made throughout the centuries. Regrettably, I must admit I haven’t heard of most of the women mentioned in this book. It was a joy to be educated, inspired and enlightened by this scholarly work.

As the author states, ‘these stories represent a mere fraction of the thousands of accomplished women who have been inadequately acknowledged in world history and relegated to obscurity and anonymity despite their achievements. Illuminating these exemplary women not only expands the historical record, but also provides young girls with role models to inspire their pursuit of goals and aspirations.’

Despite the gains made by women in recent years, many women on the global stage still find that their access to education, employment, healthcare and political influence remains limited - or even nonexistent - because of their gender. This book will encourage and inspire all those who read it. Highly recommended.

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