A Dream Beyond Possibility: A Visit to 1939

A Dream Beyond Possibility: A Visit to 1939A Dream Beyond Possibility: A Visit to 1939 by Dr. Ross D. Donahue
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An engaging narrative that encompasses time travel, romance, and gripping drama...

"A Dream Beyond Possibility: A Visit to 1939" by Ross Donahue is a captivating tale that combines time travel, romance, and drama, set in DuBois, Pennsylvania. The story follows Michael Bailey, a retired government worker burdened by regrets as he grapples with missed opportunities and seeks a more impactful existence.

Despite professional success, Bailey feels a sense of underachievement. His vivid dreams, shared with his wife, hint at unfulfilled ambitions. One night, his dreams transport him to 1939, altering his life and others. Through fear, compassion, and friendship, Bailey navigates this journey, confronting discrimination and family struggles while nurturing hope.

Blending history and fiction, the book delves into human choices and emotions, irrespective of age. "A Dream Beyond Possibility" stands out for portraying an active older individual, underscoring that age doesn't limit the significance of life's choices. Through Bailey's journey, Donahue prompts readers to reflect on the impact of personal experiences and the enduring nature of human emotions. Highly recommended.

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